A Categorized Directory of 3D Graphics Software Companies

Bill Buxton


Last Updated: May 18, 2005

This is a directory of companies active in, and related to, 3D computer graphics.  I have organized them according to categories that seemed to make sense to me in terms of mapping out the landscape, and in finding companies according to a particular need.  This dirctory is not, and could not, be complete.  I have done my best to start it off.  However, view it as open source.  Feel free to send me updates and to make suggestions.  Email me at:  <bill BB @ billbuxton BB . com>, (removing the spaces and upper case characters - sorry - but spammers are a pain in the proverbial butt).


2D Paint and Illustration

3D for 2D Illustration

3D for Wireless and PDA's

3D Modeling

3D Paint

3D Web Authoring

Wild Tangent:

Animation Software (2D & 3D)

Annotation and marking

CAD Companies

Camera Extraction

Camera Stabilization

Character/Facial/Avitar Creation/Animation

Clip Art: 3D, Video, Stock Models ...

Clip Art: Video / Non-Photorealistic Rendering Images

Collaboration Software

Collaborative On-Line Approval for Film & Video

Computer Graphics Software

Digital Corkboards & Image Mangement

Display technologies


Physics - Dynamics, etc.

Pre-Visualization Tools

QuickTime VR Objects and Panoramas & Related Generating/Stitching/Viewing

Real-Time Viewers & Game Engines


Search Engines

Sketch interpretation

Video Gear

Virtual Set Technology