Technology Briefs

Bill Buxton


This is a new page on which I plan to provide access to various pages that I have produced, or intend to produce, that focus on particular technologies. There is little rhyme or reason as to what I chose to include, other than what interests me, what I am curious about, or things having something to do with interaction or computer graphics.

Initially the page is rather sparce, but now that the hook is here, I will start to hang things on it.

As with all of my other pages, I welcome suggestions, corrections, additions, etc.  Think of these pages as open source.

A Directory of Sources for Input Devices and Technologies:

This is a page which provides a directory to every supplier of input technology that I am aware of.  It is categorized by device type, such as joysticks, mice, touch pads, etc.. It includes links to on-line resources from the various suppliers, as well as a very brief summary of their products.

Projection / Vision Systems:

These are an interesting, emerging class of system.  They are generally portable, which incorporate a projector of some type, typically a laser projector, with some type of vision technology, such that it's field of view of the vision system is registered with the projection surface.  Furthermore, the surface onto which one projects (and which the system "sees") is not fixed.  The systems are mobile, thereby enabling arbitrary surfaces be used for display and interaction.

A Categorized Directory of 3D Graphics Software Companies

This is a directory of companies active in, and related to, 3D computer graphics.  I have organized them according to categories that seemed to make sense to me in terms of mapping out the landscape, and in finding companies according to a particular need.  This dirctory is not, and could not, be complete.  I have done my best to start it off.  However, view it as open source.  Feel free to send me updates and to make suggestions.

Collaboration Software:  A 5 Minute Primer

Computers are increasingly being used as communications devices and to support collaboration.  With this have come a range of produts.  The problem for many is to sort them out in any meaningful way.  The good news is that there is a large body of research on which we can draw.  This is a very quick overview of some of the key issues.