Riding along the Cam from our house in Chesterton (Sunday Jan. 16th & Fri. 21st)

The village church, St. Andrew's,  in Chesterton, the area of Cambridge where we live.  The church is a 1 minute walk from our house.
Our local pub, The Green Dragon. 
The bridge across the Cam, just in front of the Green Dragon.  This is the route to our local shopping (admittedly in a huge modern Tesco shop).
Our sense is that as beautiful as this is, we won't be eating the fish from the Cam anytime soon.
This is a cottage that we found along the way that offers studio space for artists.  It is now the location of Liz's painting studio. This is the view from Liz's painting studio, just looking the opposite direction from where the previous photo was taken.
A "cottage" along the Cam, at Fen Ditton.  This is about 10 minutes by bike from our house.  That is not the Cam that you see.  It is just the result of Liz drooling at the house and garden.