A Day at the Races (Sunday Jan. 23rd)

Today we jumped on our bikes and rode an hour north, partially along the Cam, to just outside a village called Cottenham to see our first live "point-to-point" race.  This is a bit like steeplechase in eventing, except that there are several horses going at once, and there are more than four fences for each of the two laps.  Needless to say, Bill was trying to figure out how to steal someone's horse and kit and sneak in the race, and Liz was suggesting that perhaps it may be more in keeping with the local mores if we walked the course rather than rode it on a hijacked horse.  Liz won this particular debate (which is why Bill's work permit was not revoked.)

Checking out the talent in the paddock before the race.
A few of the locals seem to be into betting.  Surely not in Britain! 
OK, they are off and approaching the first fence.  I'm not sure anyone has told the horses yet there there are two laps.
Out in the backstretch.  The cool thing about this kind of racing, compared to going to the track, is that it is like eventing and you can walk all around the course.
Thank God our digital camera has a pseudo-motor drive.  Our reflexes are not really fast enough to catch shots like this. Screaming in to the finish.  OK, 3.5 minutes at about 600 metres per minute.  These guys earned their hay today.
This is the "tough" part - the ride home.  Gorgeous villages, thatched roofs, and sunshine.  Back in Ontario, Morag hasn't been able to ride for 3 days due to -30 C weather.  This is Bait's Bite Lock on the Cam.  Did we mention the sun?
If the horses can go cross country, why should we take the road home.  This is why God invented mountain bikes. "Tribute to Monet"
This is an an example of Bill turning a bug into a feature.  Screw up a photo, and voila, you have art.  In the back of his mind he is now figuring out how to get Liz to  give him a show at the gallery.