Lizzie's Studio (Tuesday Jan. 25th)

Yesterday Liz started working in her "new" studio space.  It is located in an old farm cottage, a short bike ride along the Cam towards Fen Ditton.  You can see an exterior view of the cottage by clicking here.

This is the back door to the studio door.  Come on in.
This is where Liz works.  She shares the studio with a watercolour artist, Alice Thomson.
To give you a better sense of the space, this is a view of Liz's area from a bit farther back.
This is the view of the Cam that Liz has right out her window.  If you look carefully, you can see some rowers passing by on the river..
The interior view looking back from Liz's workspace. Looking up and the the right, back from Liz's area.  The light is fantastic.
The view out the side window, with a sculpture of one of the other artists, Rachel Merrington, catching the light. Another window with another of Rachel's sculptures.
OK - there are a lot of window shots.  But the light and the views are irresistable. Remember what I said about light and space?